Our studio was founded in 2010 by Karin Phisolyabut, who earned a B.A. in Ceramic Design from Thailand and  a  M.A. in Fine Arts from the United Kingdom.

The name “Yarnnakarn Arts & Crafts Studio” was created by his sister, Prim, who works with him in their family business. In Later years, this family business joined local craftsmen in the area, and Karin’s family members all work together in our home studio in Bangkok.

“Yarnnakarn” means to continue to establish the correlation between the idea of nostalgia and the passage of time.

Yarn ( English ) = Narrative, Telling Story, Knitting ( craft )

Yarn ( Thai ) = Moving Space

Na ( Thai ) = At

Karn ( Thai ) = Time, Nostalgia


Yarnnakarn believes in sustainability and supporting the local community. We continuously explore and experiment new techniques to reduce our impact to the environment. 

By choosing local materials and artisans, we are able to help reduce the carbon footprint and aid the local craftsmen. Rather than focusing on uniformity and quantity, we seek beauty in flaws and imperfections innate to each natural ingredient and combine them into our products creating truly unique characteristics into our works. 

Instead of following the ever-evolving trends, every single piece of our works is intended to be timeless, aiming at evoking a sense of compassion, meaningfulness, and comfort to the people.

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Yarnnakarn is a small studio in Bangkok, telling stories about passage of time and diversity of human and nature through our contemporary ceramic pieces. Our local craftsmen create wishful ceramic pieces using experimental techniques and materials. The natural clays are gathered from various locations in Thailand and mixed to our own recipe. The story of each individual piece is told in details like signature touches and textures ~ slight variations of forms, colors, and textures may occur to become its unique characteristic. We use non-toxic glazes, and allow each piece to come to being in its own time, temperature, and moisture. Let these pieces find a place in your individual space and story.

7 thoughts on “OUR STORY”

  1. Hi there!
    I’m Clifford from Malaysia. How can I buy your products?
    Any online store available?
    Hope to hear you soon. Thank you!

  2. Hihi! just fell in love with your pieces, any chance to buy it from you directly? or any distributor in Taipei? Thank you

  3. Hello! I LOVE all of your work, and own a boutique store in Canada. Do you have a wholesale rep for Canada I could contact about carrying your work? Thank You!! – Ashley

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