An Oceanology Trinket Tableware journey

How we transform clay into shell . . .


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Dried Flower Collector’s

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Flower is symbolic of nature, purity, feelings and giving. This tableware collection represents contemporary way to celebrate special occasions. Pressed flowers and life-size insects details are composed, and delicately carved on each prototype. Their beauty and freshness can be preserved into memory pieces, which is way to keep the specific moments alive.



The Oceanology collection is inspired by the relationship between humans and nature, and originates from our life near the sea. These naturalistic ceramic pieces were created in the image of the ocean. Shapes, textures and colours evoke shells, salt and sand. Each piece is hand crafted from natural clays by artisans in our Bangkok based studio.


 These naturalistic trinket potteries were made from pure earth minerals. Every piece was delicately handcrafted by Bangkok artisans.


Each detail represents fresh touches of smooth sea foam, crispy sand, luscious salt water, and soothing breezy atmosphere.


Yarnnakarn wishes that this collective trinkets tableware collection would enhance most of your flavorful experiences to cherish quality living and makes the moments memorable.