“Rustics” is a simple mixture of clean lines with a handmade touch. This tableware collection is a range of containers—trays, bowls, jars, pitchers, mugs and cups.



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Yarnnakarn is a small studio in Bangkok, telling stories about passage of time and diversity of human and nature through our contemporary ceramic pieces. Our local craftsmen create wishful ceramic pieces using experimental techniques and materials. The natural clays are gathered from various locations in Thailand and mixed to our own recipe. The story of each individual piece is told in details like signature touches and textures ~ slight variations of forms, colors, and textures may occur to become its unique characteristic. We use non-toxic glazes, and allow each piece to come to being in its own time, temperature, and moisture. Let these pieces find a place in your individual space and story.


  1. I have some of your dishes! I bought them on Anthropologie several years ago. I LOVE them! I lost a few pieces, in a move 😦
    Do you have a PAPER catalog I can be sent?
    I need to peruse it and share it with a few folks…. Your art is absolutely amazing. So so sublime! My favorite dishes ever!

  2. I would love to consider your product for Juma Gallery. We are a boutique/ gallery located in Shaker Height Ohio. How can I shop your beautiful product wholesale? Please feel free to browse our website. I think that we would be a very good match. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kelly O’Toole
    Juma Gallery
    20100 Chagrin Blvd
    Shaker Heights Oh 44120

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