5 thoughts on “Still Life Tableware Collection

  1. I “discovered” your creations at a small shop on Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA. It is a Sheep’s Head that I have hung on my wall. It is so beautiful (especially the glaze). I now am looking for a second creation for another wall in my house. Same glaze (which is exquisite), just a different object.
    Thank you.
    Anne J. Kenefick

  2. Planning to open a clean food restaurant in Bangsaray Satahip
    Like to order some tableware plates cups… made from natural materials
    Like to know where i can go to see your produkts in Bangkok & find out your prices
    Mr Peter Meuleman
    Good vibes restaurant

  3.  Hello,

    I ‘m big fun of your artworks for longtime but I have no chance to visit Thailand.
    Then I have a question, can I buy some STILL LIFE TABLEWEAR COLLECTIONS on online-shop or something like that?
    I can’t wait to get these collections anymore so if you have a online-shop, please let me know.


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